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  Dialog in maps

Dialog files are located in Campaigns\%SIDE%\ (Where %SIDE% is Am or Ru) and go under the name Txt%MID%.wri (Where %MID% is the mission number, i.e 01). These files store all dialog text, all ingame questions and the mission objectives.

Dialog looks like the following:

   // Dialog B - Po dobytí základny na Sibiři
   $ VelNow
   - Now! Let's get them!
   $ DBAb1
   - Lose no time. You must complete your mission at all costs.
   $ DBVel1
   - I'm going to read names. Go into that machine. Hans Gluckman...

If you want to use sound for the dialogues the filenames must be %MOD%\sound\dialogs\%SIDE%\%MID%\%DNAME%.wav (Where %DNAME% is the dialogs name with the first charactor removed and %MID%_ added).

An example:

   $ VelNow
   - Now! Let's get them!

Would be %MOD%\sound\dialogs\ru\01\01_elNow.wav

Dialog *.wav's audio format must be PCM 22.050 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono

Note: when ur using the Map Editor the dialog files are located in the maps directory under the name texts.txt (Which u will have to create if one doesn't exist)

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