Original War Support News http://www.owsupport.com/?sect=news Original War Support News enORIGINAL WAR Interviews with Altar Interactive Developersforum/viewtopic.php?t=6170Fri, 02 Oct 2020 16:26:20 GMT2020-10-2T16:26:20ZMorganMorgan0http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6170http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6170<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/v_6ySkOQLHo"></iframe><br /><br /><strong>In exactly 45 minutes from now,</strong> the interviews to Altar about<br />Original War's development are going to be publicly released!<br /><br />We hope you enjoy the video and please do not forget to send us your feedbacks in the comments.<br /><br /><strong>The video will be available at 7 p.m. Paris time. </strong><br /><br />Many thanks for your patience and for your support!Original War Releasedforum/viewtopic.php?t=6167Wed, 15 Jul 2020 12:16:56 GMT2020-7-15T12:16:56Zstucukstucuk0http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6167http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6167Original War has been released.<br />- <a href="https://owsupport.com/owpatches" class="postlink">Patch Section</a><br /><br />Changelog:<br /><ul><br />Fixed: (multiplayer, SGUI) Allied victory tickbox (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/607" class="postlink">Issue #607</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru05, Ru06, AM15 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/612" class="postlink">Issue #612</a> )<br />Fixed: SetSide can cause Sync Loss in Multiplayer Game (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/614" class="postlink">Issue #614</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru08 - people stay on a vacation (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/615" class="postlink">Issue #615</a> )<br /><br /><br />Fixed: Animal names (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/600" class="postlink">Issue #600</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru12a - Achiv conditions fix (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/606" class="postlink">Issue #606</a> )<br />Fixed: Small Maps can have red areas at the sides (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/608" class="postlink">Issue #608</a> )<br />Fixed: With Japanese language base names show garbled characters (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/609" class="postlink">Issue #609</a> )<br />Fixed: ESC key opens menu while giving orders (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/610" class="postlink">Issue #610</a> )<br />Fixed: Multiplayer Loading screen doesn't go away (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/611" class="postlink">Issue #611</a> )<br />Fixed: AM04 achievement (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/613" class="postlink">Issue #613</a> )<br /><br /><br />Fixed: loading a save when user profile has alot causes crash (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/601" class="postlink">Issue #601</a> )<br />Fixed: OW tools show memory leak information on exit (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/602" class="postlink">Issue #602</a> )<br />Fixed: ESC stops bringing up menu after loading save which is outdated (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/603" class="postlink">Issue #603</a> )<br /><br /><br />Added: Memory Usage added to FPS counter<br />Fixed: Miscs bug with Campaign Tree<br />Fixed: Ru08, Ru11 - Achiv conditions (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/599" class="postlink">Issue #599</a> )<br />Fixed: Memory Usage indicators now work (Map Editor)<br /><br /><br />Added: Memory Usage added to FPS counter<br />Fixed: Miscs bug with Campaign Tree<br />Fixed: Ru08, Ru11 - Achiv conditions (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/599" class="postlink">Issue #599</a> )<br />Fixed: Memory Usage indicators now work (Map Editor)<br /><br /><br />Fixed: Ru02 - Bielkov tank bug (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/593" class="postlink">Issue #593</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru02, Ru03 - Dangerous oil barrels (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/594" class="postlink">Issue #594</a> )<br />Fixed: When Resolution is not set the game has a window height of zero (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/595" class="postlink">Issue #595</a> )<br />Fixed: Mission Tree creates new branch even if there is no next mission (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/597" class="postlink">Issue #597</a> )<br />Fixed: Dedicated Server Crash (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/598" class="postlink">Issue #598</a> )<br />Improved: Make Load/Save dialogs stagger the loading of save preview images (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/596" class="postlink">Issue #596</a> )<br /><br /><br />Added: PRESS A KEY on loading screens<br />Added: Dedicated Server option to make first client able to change settings<br />Changed: BName increased from 9 to 20 characters<br />Fixed: bug with american depot not being upgradable<br />Fixed: bug with reward screen on higher resolutions (Buttons not being clickable)<br />Fixed: bug with character selection screen on higher resolutions<br />Fixed: Ru12 - Platonov freeze (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/592" class="postlink">Issue #592</a> )<br />Improved: Character Selection and Reward Screens sort now uses faster sort<br /><br /><br />Added: Holding middle mouse button and dragging will now move the screen<br />Changed: SetLives will now limit the amount of HP set to a maximum of the units maxhealth<br />Fixed: Selection bug relating to command panel buttons<br />Improved: Enchance SetMark function for additional flag colours (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/519" class="postlink">Issue #519</a> )<br /><br /><br />Added: FORCEDUBBINGLANG parameter<br />Added: VehicleRecycled Event (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/408" class="postlink">Issue #408</a> )<br />Added: SAIL - IsInvisible<br />Changed: Faces of units now have a larger maximum size in unit lists<br />Fixed: LIMITMOUSE causes game to hang (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/588" class="postlink">Issue #588</a> )<br />Fixed: AM07 Steam Achievements<br /><br /><br />Added: Sort for unit face panels<br />Fixed: Ru12a - cannot complete the mission (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/590" class="postlink">Issue #590</a> )<br />Fixed: Memory overflow introduced in<br /><br /><br />Fixed: Error in czech tooltip for placing turret weapon (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/382" class="postlink">Issue #382</a> )<br />Fixed: AutoEnemy needs to be switched back on (RU07) (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/496" class="postlink">Issue #496</a> )<br />Fixed: Fixes for AM10_cont, AM14 and AM15 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/498" class="postlink">Issue #498</a> )<br />Fixed: Fixed prakun model (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/500" class="postlink">Issue #500</a> )<br />Fixed: Fixes for Am09 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/502" class="postlink">Issue #502</a> )<br />Fixed: Fixes for AM06_cont and AM12 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/510" class="postlink">Issue #510</a> )<br />Fixed: Fixes for Am08 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/512" class="postlink">Issue #512</a> )<br />Fixed: Fixes for Ru05 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/513" class="postlink">Issue #513</a> )<br />Fixed: (Multiplayer) Rocky Pass, Wilderness (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/520" class="postlink">Issue #520</a> )<br />Fixed: Am 03, Ru 02, 03, 05, 08 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/524" class="postlink">Issue #524</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru 03, 11, 13, 14, 15 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/525" class="postlink">Issue #525</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru 06, 12a (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/526" class="postlink">Issue #526</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru 04, 05, 08, 10 (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/533" class="postlink">Issue #533</a> )<br />Fixed: Cinematics skip - music still playing (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/547" class="postlink">Issue #547</a> )<br />Fixed: AM 11_Cont doesn't end when objectives complete (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/561" class="postlink">Issue #561</a> )<br />Fixed: Am10_cont - invalid chassis (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/563" class="postlink">Issue #563</a> )<br />Fixed: Am09_cont - missing dialog and disabled barracks (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/564" class="postlink">Issue #564</a> )<br />Fixed: Am15a - missing Coonie Travers (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/565" class="postlink">Issue #565</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru10 - InGameOn bug (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/566" class="postlink">Issue #566</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru11 - units can't move (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/567" class="postlink">Issue #567</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru09_cont - water issue (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/568" class="postlink">Issue #568</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru02 - how to kill Platonov (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/569" class="postlink">Issue #569</a> )<br />Fixed: Am12 - Fail retreat (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/570" class="postlink">Issue #570</a> )<br />Fixed: Am11_cont - starting scene and polish dialogs fix (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/571" class="postlink">Issue #571</a> )<br />Fixed: Am09_cont - disabled barracks after arabs barracks build (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/572" class="postlink">Issue #572</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru03 - missing dialog | attacking Omicron by barracks | blockade in Kirov (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/573" class="postlink">Issue #573</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru10 - Vsevolod blockade in intro (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/574" class="postlink">Issue #574</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru08 - delete Masha variable if Masha not exist (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/575" class="postlink">Issue #575</a> )<br />Fixed: Am07_cont - missing medals descriptions (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/576" class="postlink">Issue #576</a> )<br />Fixed: Am09_cont - infinity loop while arabian barracks construct (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/577" class="postlink">Issue #577</a> )<br />Fixed: Am11_cont - two times ending mission (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/578" class="postlink">Issue #578</a> )<br />Fixed: Am13a - killable Gossudarov squad members (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/581" class="postlink">Issue #581</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru02 - build lab and workshop objective (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/582" class="postlink">Issue #582</a> )<br />Fixed: Ru03 - kirov mechanics stuck (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/584" class="postlink">Issue #584</a> )<br />Fixed: Am15a | Ru15a - americans cannot rebuild sib mines (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/585" class="postlink">Issue #585</a> )<br />Fixed: Am15 - Bugs (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/586" class="postlink">Issue #586</a> )<br />Fixed: Am02 - JMM squad dead on mission start (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/587" class="postlink">Issue #587</a> )<br />Improved: Remade OW Intro (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/562" class="postlink">Issue #562</a> )<br />Improved: Allow multiple buildings to be placed when SHIFT key is held (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/532" class="postlink">Issue #532</a> )<br />Improved: Make Flamethrower Destroy Environment and Burn Grass (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/543" class="postlink">Issue #543</a> )<br />Improved: Add SAIL Libraries inside mod directory (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/544" class="postlink">Issue #544</a> )<br />Improved: Editor - Inspect Profile Tool (<a href="http://bugs.owsupport.com/originalwar/issues/553" class="postlink">Issue #553</a> )<br />Improved: GUI Replaced with SGUI</ul>Merry Christmas!forum/viewtopic.php?t=6164Tue, 24 Dec 2019 23:03:38 GMT2019-12-24T23:03:38Zstucukstucuk0http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6164http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6164Merry Christmas!<br /><br /><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yXQViqx6GMY"></iframe>Message to new players coming from Humble Bundle store!forum/viewtopic.php?t=6155Thu, 08 Aug 2019 05:03:26 GMT2019-8-8T5:03:26ZMorganMorgan0http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6155http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6155<a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/games/bohemia-interactive-2019-bundle" class="postlink"><img src="https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/e6um5DM2ZxbUOASD5BEeLzfvTv0qCH5TtPlZKgriaHw/%3Fauto%3Dcompress%2Cformat%26h%3D630%26w%3D1200%26s%3D47261a4ebe598fce6bdfe33cde8beefc/https/hb.imgix.net/98c18081d3639fe7fb222c5ee2b48afd409e7a8b.png?width=400&amp;height=210" alt="Image" /></a><br /><br />Hello dear all,<br /><br />One of the reasons why you might read this topic is because you have been considering trying Original War, which is being offered in the latest <strong>Humble Bundle's pack</strong> at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/games/bohemia-interactive-2019-bundle">https://www.humblebundle.com/games/bohe ... 019-bundle</a><!-- m --> !<br /><br />A clarification of the current state of Original War and its community is necessary so you get a better understanding of the charm that eminates from this jewel of a game:<br /><br /><span style="color: #FFBF80"><strong>DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME AND OF THE COMMUNITY</strong></span><br /><br />Although the game was released in 2001, it is important to know that <strong>it's still being maintained</strong> by Stucuk (he uses House as his Steam nickname). He's been the head of every game update since 2005, that is to say fourteen years ago from now when he created OWS (Original War Support). <br /><br />Throughout the years, several other communities appeared in addition to <a href="https://forum.stucuk.net/viewforum.php?f=66" class="postlink">OWS' forums</a> on the net such as:<br /><ul> <li>OWN (<a href="https://original-war.net/" class="postlink">Original-War.Net</a> ), which attempts to reach an international target audience but contains mostly most of the Polish fan-base ;<br /> </li><li>WsF (<a href="http://warsiberite.forumactif.com/" class="postlink">WarSiberite</a> ), French fan-base.<br /> </li><li>Some other websites have gone 404, we can think of OWAR Centrum (Czech fan-base). Special mention to &quot;other-purpose&quot; websites such as <a href="http://throwback.emersongames.cz/" class="postlink">Throwback</a> modification, which now focuses itself on the Steam workshop.</li></ul><br />In <strong>2019</strong>, Original War is following a big schedule with the upcoming release of SGUI: an entire graphical update of the game which also opens huge doors to modders. Some mods are currently using the latest SGUI technology and seem very promising (it includes the Multiplayer version of the Russian and American campaigns).<br /><br />Last month, the community also discovered a new way to create textures for Original War's maps with the help of a deep learning program. This is synonym to an increasing number of new maps being released in future mods, maybe even in the vanilla game if the results are convincing. The previous method was to use some old programs to create textures manually and that required a bit of skills and too much time. Too much energy.<br /><br /><span style="color: #FFBF80"><strong>THE CURRENT HUB OF THE COMMUNITY</strong></span><br /><br /><!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://discord.gg/znRgFby">https://discord.gg/znRgFby</a><!-- m --><br /><br />Every latest info can be found on our <a href="https://discord.gg/znRgFby" class="postlink">Original War Discord server</a> where every heads of OWS, OWN and WsF were given admin rights resulting in a better teamworking community.<br /><br />The latest patches can be downloaded on our Discord server months before they are uploaded to the actual Steam servers. This also includes work-in-progress patches and snapshots (small modifications that usually require to be reviewed by the community).<br /><br />Most multiplayer games hosted in OW's lobby are being tracked by OW's bot on our Discord bot channel, and a bunch of players report their new open games on a daily basis. We are currently undergoing a higher report of open games on our channels so you should take advantage of that!<br /><br /><span style="color: #FFBF80"><strong>WHY IS ORIGINAL WORTH IT?</strong></span><br /><br />Original War has a very strong and convincing story which actually lets you take real decisions that have real impacts on your game. Once a character dies, it is gone forever and it will often trigger new paths for you to follow. Indeed, every characters are unique, they are being given their own skills, names and animated faces.<br /><br />The game runs in a slow tempo which is actually a combination of several gameplays: your first step would be to find crates of resources which people from the Present send to you using the TAWAR (EON). That would also include exploring the map. Then comes the building step, where you need to place several unique buildings such as a laboratory and a workshop. <br /><br />The gameplay splits in several phases at this point as you merge between Science (your scientists need to work on technologies so you unlock new gameplay mechanics) and Advanced Constructions: while your engineers build up your defenses, your mechanics will create new vehicles given the vehicles parts that you decide to use for each of them (type of engine, type of wheels, type of control, type of armor).<br /><br />With so many tools given to you, you can easily think of every possible ways to complete your objectives, might you play in singleplayer or multiplayer. You will learn a lot from your choices, and even though it's all about pixels then you might create some sort of bound between yourself and the characters who happened to be dubbed in many different languages entirely from A to Z, individually.<br /><br />___________________<br /><br />Please join us on Original War Discord and share your discovery of the game with us! We'll be more than happy to welcome you.<br /><br />Now the question is... <strong>are you ready to step into the past?</strong><br /><!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://discord.gg/znRgFby">https://discord.gg/znRgFby</a><!-- m -->OW Streamers Tournament 2019 - The final classification!forum/viewtopic.php?t=6072Sun, 31 Mar 2019 17:40:06 GMT2019-3-31T17:40:06ZzoNEzoNE0http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6072http://www.owsupport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6072<img src="https://original-war.net/br_upload/articles/ow-streamers_tour_2019-logo.png" alt="Image" /><br /><br />After two days of interesting matches we reached the end of the tournament! After 42 fierce battles, in which as many as 7 players fought against each other, we were able to successfully select the top four players of the <strong>Original War Streamers Tournament 2019</strong>. Applause for our champions!<br /><br /><strong>The final classification is as follows:</strong><br /><ul><li><strong>1st place:</strong> Bren 8,5pt</li><li><strong>2nd place:</strong> Thorgall 8pt</li><li><strong>3rd place:</strong> Sali 6pt</li><li><strong>4th place:</strong> Nefarem 5.5pt</li></ul><br />Ladders of the tournament and records of all fights can be found at the address: <a href="https://original-war.net/articles.php?a=streamerstour2019" class="postlink">https://original-war.net/articles.php?a=streamerstour2019</a><br /><br />We would like to thank the contestants for their participation in the contest, all those who helped with the organization for their cooperation, and the spectators for their participation! There may be another tournament after some time, but we will inform you about it in the future! And may the Force be with you always.