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Back To The Future

Before The War

Main character in this mod is Piotrek Zadworny (me). In present, he`s commander of a secret base in Siberia which is a support base for Helios Operation. While uploading siberite onto trucks, he heard something about time machine called EON. After a short time he was moved to a scientific group working by Apemen skeletons. Inspired by them, travels to the base where EON stands, becomes a commander there and uses the machine as the first human in history of mankind.
Heroes by Accident

The Other Story

The main character is Radoslaw (me). Your objective is to stop russian investigations on siberite. Radoslaw travels to a past to accomplish objectives but there is a surprise: there are americans! He must create an alliance with them to prevent russian domination. Your bosses hate americans so you must kill them. In future Radoslaw will have met a russian called Serge. He doesn`t want the war so decides to join your group.
Maj Mod

In MajMod you can play as mercenary, Kurt Shmidt. He was hired by arabian sheiks to prevent Americans from transport Siberite from Siberia to Alaska and destroy all Siberite sources.
In the world, which Kurt born, Americans transported all Siberite from Sibieria to Alaska. Price of oil drastically falling down. In this situation arabian sheiks decided to hire army of mercenaries, take control of EON and destroy Siberite sources in the past.
Kurt, as one of many hired is on his way to Americans` base. But when he arrive no one waited for him. Your task is to keep Kurt alive and contact with mercenaries` command. But not only Americans are waiting in the past. There is other army too...

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