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What is Original War?

Original War is a mix of a RTS (Real Time Strategy) and a RPG (Role Playing Game). Russia is in disarray, but unknowingly sits on a mineral that could see her rule the world. The mineral, Siberite, is a catalyst for Cold Fusion. America knows about the Siberite and sets out to make sure that it never falls into Russian hands. Your task is to travel back 2,000,000 years to protect deposits of a mineral known as Siberite. You will use a time machine of unknown origin and uncertain characteristics. See Here for more information.

Background of Original War Support
Original War Support was launched in January 2006 to support the Original War community and to act as a place to launch new Original War patches from. In June 2005 I (Stucuk) started maintenence on Original War for Altar Interactive (Now called Altar Games). It took until the end of November 2005 for the first patch to be released.

In August 2011 Radzio gained access to the Source Code to help with Original Wars maintenence. Before this time he worked on fixing the Singleplayer and Multiplayer maps.

Core OWS Team

Special Thanks
J.R from Idea Games
Martin from Idea Games

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Original War is an RTS / RPG game by Altar Games
Original War Support is not part of Altar Games but is maintaining Original War for Altar Games

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