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By downloading one of the following files you agree that you will not alter the filenames of the patches to include anything which could be considered by others that you created the files. You also agree to not claim that the following files were made by you. You may upload any of the following files to your website and distribute them in any media as long as u agree to the previous terms. You may not direct link to any download on this website.

Some of the downloadable files on this website use RAR compression. 7-Zip and WinRAR can open and extract RAR files.

Original War Demo v1.09
Requires Nothing
Size: ~350MB
- FileFront
- GamersHell
- Internode

SAIL Constants
Size: 9.35KB
Description: Lists all the constants in SAIL
- Local

SAIL Functions
Size: 185KB
Description: Lists all functions in SAIL
- Local

Arabian Nights Mod
Size: ~6MB
Description: A demo of Arabian Nights. Note this is a work in progress.
- Local

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