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OWS News - Steam Achievements


Date: 20 March 2014 2:58 am

Bug tracker issue for steam achievements

Steam Achievements are being added to Original War. Some may have noticed that there is currently 1 Achievement on the system (Which no one can get yet as the current version doesn't support Steam Achievements).

So what achievements would you like to see Original War have? Currently there is "To the Past" which is achieved when you step into the EON in the American Campaign.

To the Past's Icon:
Original Altar Artwork:

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OWS News - Original War Release Candidate 1


Date: 26 Febuary 2014 7:45 am RC1
  • Bug Fix: Am missions with a movies are globally broken (Issue 12)
  • Bug Fix: Error with loading save (Issue 2)
  • Changed: Saving with Editor is disabled when going in-game until the map is reset
  • Changed: Re-wrote FacePanel so it streatches properly
  • Note: Contains Radzio's Missing 2012 bug fixes

- OWPatch_1.12.10.1_RC1.rar

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OWS News - Original War Bug Tracker


Date: 15 Febuary 2014 3:18 am

Original War now has its own Bug Tracker located here. If you find a bug in Original War please report it on the Bug Tracker. Note that you will need to create an account to report bugs, this is to reduce the ability for people to spam the bug tracker.

If you are reporting Access Violations you will need to use v1.12.9 or higher as any lower versions Access Violations will not be looked into.

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OWS News - Original War 1.12.9 Released


Date: 14 Febuary 2014 10:57 am

1.12.9 has been released.

  • Added: SAMERES parameter
  • Changed: With resolutions above 1024 wide the face panel now scales

- Download

Note: When reporting Access Violations only reports done with 1.12.9 or higher will be looked into.

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OWS News - Original War 1.12.8 Released


Date: 4 Febuary 2014 3:02 am

1.12.8 has been released.

  • Added: WINDOWFULL parameter
  • Added: Window option to launcher settings
  • Bug Fix: Original War shuts down when a mission is lost
  • Bug Fix: Range Check Errors removed
  • Bug Fix: Spanish Translation would crash multiplayer
  • Bug Fix: Launcher displays error when sent parameters
  • Changed: When ran directly OW correctly sets the resolution
  • Changed: Launcher no longer runs OW instantly when parameters are sent (Steam Only)

- Download

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