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OWS News - Original War Released


Date: 28 Febuary 2015 2:57 am

Original War has been released.
- Patch Section

  • Added: OpenGL Renderer (98% Complete)
  • Added: Basic Zoom to Editor (Overlays do not zoom)
  • Added: When creating a new mod via the editor you can now make it extract files from the game
  • Added: Ability to scroll the SAIL Editor window with the mouse wheel
  • Added: Ability to view variables values at runtime by hovering over them (Except Local variables)
  • Added: CenterWindow parameter (Can also be set via eset.ini)
  • Bug Fix: Bloody valley - far away siberite detection (Issue 10)
  • Bug Fix: Controlling enemy's factories (Issue 13)
  • Bug Fix: Restoration of 15a Ru/Am (Issue 48)
  • Bug Fix: multiplayer almost always synchronisation lost (Issue 51)
  • Bug Fix: Non-Existant Steam Achievements causing Lag (Issue 52)
  • Bug Fix: Game longer than 999999 ticks crashes when commands are issued to units (Issue 53)
  • Bug Fix: Increased FPS in-game (Issue 54)
  • Bug Fix: RU09 - Epsilon mission - messed up dialogs after ammo research (Issue 55)
  • Bug Fix: RU11 - Beta base attack mission - Russian soldiers die sometimes during scouting (Issue 56)
  • Bug Fix: Bloody Valley - Tree (Issue 59)
  • Bug Fix: Windowex parametr: Window resizing & FPS drops (Issue 60)
  • Bug Fix: Ar and Ru can use partial invisibility (Issue 63)
  • Bug Fix: 11RU mission - bug? (Issue 67)
  • Bug Fix: Missing/incorrect voice for Burlak's dialogue in RU14a (English) (Issue 69)
  • Bug Fix: Joan Fergusson is available in RU15a when she should be dead (Issue 70)
  • Bug Fix: Spelling - Czech version (Issue 74)
  • Bug Fix: Ru_04 T. Gaidar (Issue 75)
  • Bug Fix: Hacked vehicle can still be controlled if it was the active unit (Issue 77)
  • Bug Fix: Inability to use non-default commands when player's side equals 0 (any) (Issue 78)
  • Bug Fix: Formation move cursor is constantly blinking in editor + access violations + sticky ALT (Issue 79)
  • Bug Fix: When GetTickCount returns negative number Range Check Error is tripped (Issue 84)

While the OpenGL Renderer is not 100% complete the game is fully playable. The parts that are missing are: Credits, In-Game Help Screen (Its a manual built into the game) and the Graphs at the end of missions that show a timeline of when units were created/destroyed. The multiplayer map descriptions are missing scrollbars. Everything else should work fine.

The OpenGL Renderer requires a Graphics Card with OpenGL 2.0 support as a minimum. The Same Resolution option may run slow on older hardware such as a GeForce 5.

By default Original War will still use Direct Draw unless you select OpenGL in the launcher's configuration section.

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OWS News - Merry Christmas!


Date: 25 December 2014 12:00 am

Merry Christmas!

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OWS News - Speedrun race stream


Date: 3 October 2014 7:16 pm


Tomorrow my friend and i are going to take part in the first ever original war speed-run race.

We're going to stream it tomorrow at 8pm GMT at
but its best viewed at

We intend to complete the full run at a par time of 2 hours 20 minutes with the victor being crowned original war (us any% adventurer difficulty) speed-run world champion.

We would love for you to join us and encourage you to beat our time!


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OWS News - Original War 80% off on Steam


Date: 10 September 2014 1:14 pm

Until the 15th of September Original War is being sold at 80% off on steam.

- Steam Store Page

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OWS News - Original War Released


Date: 26 May 2014 1:28 pm

There was a bug preventing 21 steam achievements from being achievable. So has been released. Note that if you do not own a steam version and have installed it would be pointless to install .

- OWPatch_1.12.10.13.rar

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